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Bank ABC Tunisie, Tunis

Bank ABC-Tunisie is the Corporation’s onshore branch through which it caters to the needs of individual and corporate clients.

Bank ABC (Tunisie) is a universal bank that offers a wide range of corporate and retail services. It has 12 branches spread mainly in Tunis and the main cities namely, Sfax and Sousse.


   Arab Banking Corporation (B.S.C)          99.991%

Financial Highlights


As of 31 March, 2016
US$ million

Total Assets


Total Loans & Advances


Total Deposits


Shareholders' Funds 


Number of Branches



Annual report


ABC-Tunisie Rapport Annuel 2015

ABC-Tunisie Rapport Annuel 2014

ABC-Tunisie Rapport Annuel 2013

ABC-Tunisie Rapport Annuel 2012

ABC-Tunisie Rapport Annuel 2011

ABC-Tunisie Rapport Annuel 2010

Products & Services

From corporate finance to asset management, from counseling to bond issuing, Bank ABC in Tunisia seeks to establish a fruitful relationship with its clientele. In order to do this, Bank ABC has developed a comprehensive range of personal and business banking products and services tailored to suit different needs: 

For Individual Clients:

  • Managing your finances,
  • Financing your investments,
  • Making the most out of your capital

For Corporate/Institutional Clients:

  • Starting and financing your business
  • Financing your current transactions
  • Processing your international transactions
  • Guaranteeing your commitments
  • Making the most out of your financial resources


Board of Directors

  • Graham Scopes
  • Muzaffer Aksoy
    Deputy Chairman 
  • Ali Kooli
  • Jawad Sacre
  • Saber Ayadi
  • Hakim Ben Hammouda
  • Corporate Secretary
    Emira Mrad


  • Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
    Ali Kooli
  • Chief Banking Officer
    Riadh Zebidi
  • Chief Operating Officer
    Amira Sethom
  • Chief Credit & Risk Officer
    Patrick Abi Habib
  • Chief Financial Officer
    Patrick Abi Habib
  • Head of Treasury
    Chedia Bichiou
  • Head of Internal Audit
    Slim Ftouhi
  • Head of Corporate Banking
    Nizar Hannachi
  • Head of Retail Banking
    Adel Nabi
  • Corporate Communications & GM Coordinator
    Khadija Belhassen
  • Head of Human Resources
    Emira Mrad
  • Head of Credit
    Kalthoum Sammari
  • Head of Financial Control
    Mohamed Belgacem 
  • Head of Compliance
    Amel Soussi  
  • Head of International Operations
    Iftycen Ben Ayed
    Head of Legal 
    Houda Nefzaoui



  • Tunis Branch Manager
    Chedly El May
  • Sfax Branch Manager
    Anis Zouari
  • Sousse Branch Manager
    Mehdi Korbi
  • Le Belvédère Branch Manager
    Lamia Ben Aissia
  • Ariana Branch Manager
    Manel Bousrih
  • Megrine Branch Manager
    Rochdi Slama
  • Millenium Branch Manager
    Sadri Laabidi
  • Ben Arous Branch Manager
    Houda Ben Youssef
  • Lac II Branch Manager
    Dorra Gueddah
  • La Soukra Branch Manager
    Dalinda Ajroud
  • Centre Urbain Nord Branch Manager
    Myriam Zayani
  • Manouba Branch Manager
    Mohamed Ben Saad
  • El Manar Branch Manager
    Ferah Driss
  • El Ghazala Branch Manager (acting)
    Emir Ben Attouch


  • Bank ABC - Tunisie   (14 domestic branches)
    Bank ABC Building
    Rue du Lac dAnnecy
    Les Berges du Lac
    1053 Tunis, Tunisia
    General telephone: (216) 71 861 861
    Fax: (216) 71 860 921/ 71 860 835
    Telex: 12505 ABC TN
    Swift: ABCO TN TT 001
  • Treasury
    Telephone: : (216) 71 861 110
    Fax: (216) 71 861 911
    Reuters: ABCT

Latest News

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