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Retail Banking

Bank ABC offers retail banking products and services through its subsidiaries in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia. Led by the Retail Center of Excellence, the Retail Business have extensively enhanced our distribution footprint and invested substantially in technology to offer a diversified regional and segment specific products and services delivery across all the units. We have been able to attract a significant share of the market by offering bespoke products and services through a team of well-trained and customer-centric staff and on a variety of distribution platforms. The Retail Banking teams committed to provide impeccable customer experience across a variety of service platforms and customer touch points.

By developing holistic personal financial solutions built around customer needs and aspirations, our products and services are life style aligned to deliver high quality as well as enable customers realize their financial goals.


Retail Centre Of Excellence

The Retail Centre of Excellence at the head office provides the leadership and guidance to drive the growth and development of the Retail Banking business in the MENA subsidiaries and implementation of the strategic vision of the Board aiming to position Bank ABC as a significant player in the MENA. We work closely with the subsidiaries and local management teams in developing and implementing tactical initiatives, as well as in providing the strategic direction and expertise needed to grow the retail banking franchise profitably. We develop and maintain knowledge domains, enable competence building by effectively disseminating information, manage cross functional engagements, and share experiences and migrate best practice across all the units.

The Retail Centre of Excellence actively engages with the units in product development, marketing, distribution network and channel management. We develop the necessary policy framework to expand businesses such as small business financing, wealth management and liabilities, and build actionable business intelligence and analytics, and business models for the Retail environment. While we actively engage in the development of local talents and skills, we also emphasize on diligently working towards enhancing customer experience, service quality and delivery.




For detailed information on our subsidaries in the Arab world, please visit any of the below mentioned websites:


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