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Derivatives & Foreign Exchange

The Derivatives Desk delivers a wide range of products including options and structured derivative solutions both in developed and emerging market currencies. This includes different asset classes:

  • Foreign Exchange
    • One of our key strengths is market making in ME currencies including Saudi Riyal and UAE Dirham both for FX as well as FX options.
    • We also structure solutions in non-deliverable currencies including ND forwards, Swaps and options.
    • FX Option structures include both European, American options with knock in/out, digitals and combinations of options with and without leverage as some of the examples.

  • Interest Rate Products (Interest Rate Swaps, Option Structures)
    • Vanilla products including FRAs, IRS, etc.
    • Option structures including swaptions, caps, floors, and digitals.
    • Cross Currency Swaps, both with and without optionality.

  • Commodities
    • OTC solutions in Metals, Energy, and Agricultural products.
    • Structures include swaps, options, and structured solutions.

The customers entering into derivative and FX transactions with us range from the regional financial institutions to international institutions based in centers like London and New York. We deliver pricing and structuring solutions to regional corporates, quasi-government and financial institutions.

The product suite also includes sharia-compliant Islamic hedging solutions for managing FX and profit-rate exposure for our Islamic customers and institutions.


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