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Treasury & Financial Markets

A banking network as large and spread out as Bank ABC’s requires an active and sophisticated treasury function to manage its own liquidity and proprietary portfolios, as well as those of clients.

Bank ABC serves major corporations, central banks, quasi-governmental organisations and major financial institutions based in MENA and world financial capitals, offering a full spectrum of treasury solutions, ranging from simple foreign exchange (FX) transactions to sophisticated derivative and financially engineered products. It also designs structures linked to commodities, equities, FX or interest rates, managing and hedging against risk, and enhancing yields through sophisticated techniques, including Shari’a-compliant alternatives.

Discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio services are also available to institutional clients interested in investing in fixed and floating-rate government bonds, emerging market debt and equities, and equity and bond derivatives. Our experienced investment team has a strong track record in managing clients’ portfolios against pre-defined benchmarks.

Being an active market maker in a number of products, the different treasury desks actively work together to provide its clients with the best possible support and solutions in different products, both in conventional and Sharia-compliant structures.

The Global Treasury is an active player especially in the Middle East and North Africa region. The main desks include:​

 Treasury Products



Bank ABC announces Q1 2021 results with a return to net profit of US$30 million attributable to the shareholders of the parent
Global Finance names Bank ABC’s ABC Labs as one of the world's best financial innovation labs
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