Instapay (IPN)

Send money to anyone, anywhere, at any time!


​​You can Send Money from your Bank account instantly 24/7 to any bank Accounts, Digital Wallets and
Meeza Prepaid Cards using InstaPay Mobile Application.​

Instapay (IPN) ​FAQs

InstaPay is an app that was officially launched by CBE on 22nd of March that allows direct access to all your bank accounts in different banks and instant transfers using your mobile device 24/7 to any bank Accounts, Digital Wallets and Meeza Prepaid Cards​.

Any customer with a bank account in the banks providing the service, considering that the mobile number used must be registered at the bank.

Download the app from your mobile device Apple Store or Google Play Store 

While going through the onboarding process, you will need to select your mobile number that is registered at the bank.

You will then be asked to create a unique IPN account and a PIN that will only be accessible through your mobile device

All your EGP banks’ accounts and Meeza pre-paid cards.

An Instant Payment Address “IPA” is a simplified address for your account per app which you can use to send and receive money on IPN instead of using the full bank account or card details. 

Think of it as an email address which you can use to transfer money IPA is presented in the form of name@instapay.

There is no limit to the accounts you can link. However, all the accounts you would like to link must have the same mobile phone number registered with your bank or it will not appear in your selections.

The app allows you to create one IPA per account so you can have any number of IPAs depending on how many accounts you have in the bank.

You need to make sure that the mobile number you used during registration is the same as the mobile number registered with the bank, and if it is not the same number, you will need to visit the bank and update your details.

Your IPA cannot be changed once created.

It is a 6-digits number that is set by the customer per account upon successful adding of any account.

IPN PIN is used for authenticating all transactions done on InstaPay app. 

IPN PIN is a sensitive data that is secured by the bank, in all cases you should never share or expose your IPN PIN to avoid any associated risks. 

Your IPN PIN is defined per account and stored at your bank, whenever you reuse your account same IPN PIN shall be used.

From manage accounts: 

  • Click on the account with the blocked IPN PIN
  • Click on forgot PIN
  • Enter the 16 digits for your card number & card PIN 
  • You will receive SMS with OTP
  • Enter the OTP 
  • Enter the new IPN PIN 
  • Confirm the IPN PIN

From manage accounts: 

  • Click on the account that you would like to reset its IPN PIN
  • Click on forget/unblock IPN PIN 
  • Enter the 16 digits for your card number & card PIN
  • You will receive SMS with OTP 
  • Enter the OTP 
  • Enter the new IPN PIN 
  • Confirm the IPN PIN

You can transfer to bank accounts, IPA, mobile numbers, meeza digital wallets, and any type of electronic card.

You can send money from any account added. Before the transfer is made, you will be asked to select which account you want to use to send the money.

Users can send money by using one of the following beneficiary details:

  • IPA (Instant Payment Address created by the user) 
  • Mobile Number 
  • Digital wallet mobile number
  • Bank account number or IBAN
  • Any electronic card number

Yes, InstaPay app retrieves beneficiary information as recorded in the bank before the transaction is executed to check if it is the correct information (in case of IPA and mobile number).

Yes, the limits are as follows and are applicable for each bank:

  • Maximum EGP 70,000 per transaction
  • Maximum EGP 110,000 per day 
  • Maximum EGP 400,000 per month

You can send and receive money instantly 

You can check your bank accounts balance and issue mini statement

You can check account statement

You can donate money to charities

Share your IPA or Mobile number or initiate a collect request. 

A request sent to a payer through his IPA or mobile number requesting an amount of money to be paid. 

The request can be paid or declined by the payer  

The money that you will receive will be sent to the account which you have set as your default account, you can change the default account from account management, if you have only one account, then this is your default account.

InstaPay is the first Payment Service Provider (PSP) application licensed by the Central Bank of Egypt to operate over the Instant Payment Network (IPN), enabling instant transfers between banks 24/7 The CBE license entails InstaPay’s full compliance to information security and data privacy legislations and requirements and customer rights protection regulations.

The application cannot access the customer's data with the bank in any way.

Compliance with the rules and standards of confidentiality of customer data prohibits the storage of application user data, as it is distinguished by a symbol, provided that the account statement is only registered with the bank.

The application’s license mandates the secure processing of customer information, prevention of misuse and unauthorized access.

InstaPay is guided by data integrity and purpose limitation principles. The app collects data particularly for two purposes:

  • Building customer profile during the registration process, where the collected data is limited to Name, Date of Birth, Gender, email and Mobile Number
  • Processing the transaction including the transaction value and beneficiary details in all cases no sensitive data is collected by InstaPay

No. Data privacy restrictions mandates that InstaPay does not store nor has access to customer bank account; it is only denoted by a reference while the actual account number is stored at your bank.

That is technically not possible as all transactions are secured using IPN PIN which is not accessible or exposed to InstaPay.

Banks will not authorize any transaction without proper consumer consent using IPN PIN

For any issue related to bank accounts & transfers, please refer to our Contact Center.

Whenever a transaction is declined on InstaPay, the bank will automatically reverse the transaction to your bank account immediately, in case transaction is not reversed please contact the bank and provide them with the transaction reference number to track the transaction.

As long as the transaction is approved and appear successful in InstaPay, then that means that the amount got credited successfully to the beneficiary account. Please provide the beneficiary with the transaction details including the transaction ID and ask them to check with his bank also and investigate.

The pending transfer is a transfer that the beneficiary bank didn’t confirm crediting it to the beneficiary bank account.

InstaPay will update you with the transfer status either successful or rejected during few minutes. You can check the transaction status from the transaction history.

A successful transaction cannot be reserved or cancelled.

Please contact your bank, provide them with the transaction ID for investigation and resolution. However, the Bank should automatically return the amount within a few minutes in case the transaction is declined.

Transactions are made in Egyptian pounds only