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Board of Directors


Chairman of the Board since May 2016 and Director since May 2014

Mr. Ali KOOLI has been the Director of Arab Banking Corporation Algeria since May 2014 and chairman of the Board since May 2016.
He is the Chairman of Arab Leasing Corporation as well since 2016.
Mr. Ali KOOLI has been appointed as General Manager of Arab Banking Corporation Tunisia since 2010 and named CEO Maghreb for Group Bank ABC in 2015.
Mr. Ali KOOLI has more than 30 years of banking experience. He served previously senior positions in different banks as General Manager and a Board Member of Société Générale in Jordan (SGBJ). Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of the Union of International Bank. Deputy CEO of UBAF in Japan. Mr. Ali KOOLI holds a master in business administration at “Ecole de Management de Lyon” (EM Lyon - top three business school in France) graduated in 1987.


Mr. Hisham A. MOUZUGHI

Director since 2010 - Deputy Chairman since September 2013 

Mr. MOUZUGHI is the Head of Risk and Credit Support at ABC Islamic Bank (E.C) Bahrain. He started his career at the London Branch of Arab Banking Corporation in 1989. He served on the Boards of Bank ABC Egypt and Jomhouria Bank.
Mr. MOUZUGHI holds an MBA from Webster University, a Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA) from Boston University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting and Finance from London School of Economics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Insurance from the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance, London.


Mr. Majid NASSOU

Director since June 2010

Mr. NASSOU held different executive positions, of which Chairman and General Manager in several banks like CPA, BDL, BNA and al Rayan Bank in Algeria. He was also Regional Manager with UBAF in Paris and Bahrain.
Mr. NASSOU holds a Master in banking from “Ecole Supérieure des Arts & Métiers”, Paris, a Master in Law and a Diploma in Political Sciences from Bordeaux University France.


Mr. Akram Youssef Abdelkarim TINAWI

Director since May 2016

Mr. Akram Youssef Abdelkarim TINAWI is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Bank ABC Egypt. He is actally Board Member in the Federation of Egyptian banks and also appointed as treasurer of the FEB  since September 2018.
Mr. TINAWI was Member of the Board of Directors of Bank ABC Tunisia between 2014 & 2016 and Member of the Executive Committee of the Union of Egyptian banks.Mr. TINAWI holds a BA in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo and held different executive positions in Barclays Bank in Egypt and North Africa, Citibank Group Egypt and Bank of America – Egypt.


Mr. Ismail MOKHTAR

Director since May 2018

Mr. Ismail MOKHTAR, First Vice President, Regional Chief Operating Officer of Bank ABC Bahrain for MENA and Member of the Board Directors of Bank ABC Jordan since 2015. He was Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Bank ABC Tunisia from 1st April 2012 to 31st January 2015 and Chief Operating Officer from 2011 to 2015 as well as Secretary of the Board of Directors of Bank ABC Tunisia from 2006 to 2015.

Mr. Ismail MOKHTAR holds a Master's degree in Economics and Management from Tunis University of Economics and Management and a Master’s degree in Administration from the same University. He has actually  20 years of financial and banking experience. After a banking experience at Bank ABC Tunisia, Mr. MOKHTAR, joined the Bank ABC Group Bahrain from February 2015.​



Director since May 2016

Mr. Fehmi HANNACHI is the General Manager of Bank ABC Paris since June 2015. He held several senior positions across the Bank ABC Group for almost 2 decades: Head of Commodity Finance, MENA, ManCom Member of ABC International Bank and served as a Board member in the Group’s subs in Algeria and Egypt in addition to Arab Leasing Corporation « ALC ».
He holds a degree in International Relations from the University of Rome - La Sapienza, a Master in International Business from the University of Paris-Pantheon Sorbonne and an Executive MBA from ESCP Europe.


Mr. Abdellatif BENKHELIL

Secretary of the Board of Directors

Mr. Abdellatif BENKHELIL joined Bank ABC Algeria in October 2012 as Secretary of the Board of Directors. He has 20 years’ banking experience in the offshore and inshore sectors and held several positions within the General Delegation of Banks and Financial Institutions, prior to that he was a lawyer in Algiers.