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Bank ABC in Algeria opens its Islamic finance window alburaq in the city of Chlef
ALGIERS, Algeria - Faithful to its commitments, Bank ABC continues to deploy its Islamic finance activity through its Islamic finance window "alburaq" at Bank ABC's Chlef branch located at 26, rue de la Résistance.

The launch of the "alburaq" counter in Chlef, allows the clientele of individuals, professionals and companies to have full access to a commercial offer offering 14 products certified in accordance with the principles of Islamic Sharia.

In this context, Mr. Jawad SACRE, General Manager of Bank ABC Algeria, said: "This offer was designed in correlation with the growing enthusiasm for Islamic finance products as well as the encouraging results observed by Bank ABC, which is an important argument for generalizing the opening of Islamic finance windows throughout the bank's branch network on the national territory.

Mr. Samir REZAK, Director of Islamic Finance of Bank ABC Algeria, added: "A team of specialists with competence in the field ensures the marketing of our offer in order to best meet the concerns of each client according to the nature of the operations he wishes to carry out in the context of Islamic finance".

The Managing Director of Bank ABC Algeria, Mr. Jawad SACRE, concluded: "Islamic finance is now an integral part of everyone's concerns. After Algiers and Setif, the extension of the "alburaq" commercial offer to Chlef confirms our unwavering commitment to contribute to the development of the national economy while meeting the dual challenge of maintaining a responsible and local network of agencies. This orientation will strengthen our position to be one of the pioneers of Islamic finance in Algeria and strengthen our link with the users of our bank. »