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Inauguration of City Center Branch - Bank ABC Algeria
On Wednesday, 15th February 2017 Bank ABC Algeria inaugurated its 24th branch in Bab Ezzouar, a strategic place grouping several outlets including many shopping malls that attract large numbers of visitors.

Moreover, this new branch bears the name of shopping center in front of it “City Center”.

The idea to establish this branch in the middle of the mall reveals the importance that give our bank to companies and collaborates there, the main mission is to support them every day in their daily operations.

Following the new corporate Identity of the Group, “City Center” branch reflects the modern side of the bank giving an impression of novelty and offering a new image of our branch network.

It is the excellence service model that the bank would follow to satisfy its valuable customers.

During this inauguration, the press and television were present resulting range of articles in french and arabic newspapers. Local authorities and the top management of Bank ABC Algeria were present too.

The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nadir IDIR and the Head of the Branch Mr. Salim CHAOUCHE RAMDANE gave an opening speech about the bank, the new branch with its objectives and finally thanked all the people, which have contributed to the success of the project.​

City Center branch


City center Branch