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Misr Al-Kheir Takes a Further Step in Supporting Community Education in Upper Egypt through a New Partnership with ABC Bank

Out of its care for community development all over Egypt, Misr Al-Kheir, MEK, announced a new partnership with ABC bank to support community education in Upper Egypt through the establishment of a community school in Abu-Teej, Assiut.

MEK devotes great effort to the establishment of the school including   mobilizing the local community to donate for the land and construction of the school. In addition to employing facilitators, equipping the school with all tools needed for the educational process, training facilitators through a number of workshops to ensure the quality of their work, and carrying out research and surveys to locate school dropouts.

The project consists of a number of phases starting by surveys to identify the targeted population and mobilizing the society to donate land and building the school as well as employing facilitators and train them to be better qualified for the work.(repeated, consider omission )

Mr. Akram Tinawi, MD & CEO of ABC bank, expressed his gladness with the bank’s partnership with Misr Al-Kheir for developing the community and meeting its urgent needs in order to contribute to the general strategy of developing the Egyptian citizen saying,

 “We are very proud of the role we play in cooperation with a leading community development association as Misr Al-Kheir”, pointing out that the bank contributes with up to 300.000 EGP

 “We promise to increase our role in community development and contribute to more projects with Misr Al-Kheir not only in building community schools, but also in different philanthropic activities,” he added

“Helping distinctive cadres by allowing them the opportunity to complete their education and overcome the challenges that mad them drop out of school is a noble aim that we are glad to be part of” , he pointed out

On his part,  Mr. Mohsen Mahgoub , deputy general of Misr Al-Kheir fund thanked ABC bank for its role in the establishment of Abu-Teej community school to protect school drop outs and give them the opportunity to be active participants in the society  saying,

 “We call upon all banking associations and private sectors to take part in community development- as ABC bank did- through positive participation in creating human cadres that can contribute to drawing the future strategy of the Egyptian community.

 “Misr Al-Kheir through its various projects helps prevent school drop outs and gives a second chance to the children to have bright future and positively affect their communities by equipping them with high quality education.” He added

It is worth mentioning that the project targets school dropout children from 6-14 year old deprived of their right in education through involving them in Misr Al-Kheir community schools.

Misr Al-Kheir detects the need for theses school by locating the targeted drop out children and areas that lack schools. The organization, through fund raising, builds community schools in such unprivileged areas and offer high quality education through training facilitators, using new teaching methods of active learning, use of technology and modern educational tools.

Misr Al-Kheir created and maintained around 800 community schools in Upper Egypt from Aswan to Al-Fayoum and continues to build community school in most needy governorates in Egypt. “ We believe in the importance of cutting school dropout rates and providing children with education that equips them for the future and make them effective citizens in their communities.” he concluded.


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