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Islamic Commercial Banking Services
  • Trade, Commodity and Production Finance — Short-term financing using Shari’a-compliant modes such as Murabaha; frequently used for export and import finance.
  • Capital Goods Finance — Medium and long-term financing using Shari’a-compliant contracts such as Ijara and Ijara-wa-iktina.
  • Project and Large Single Asset Finance — Islamic contracts such as Istisna’a and Ijara can be knitted together to produce bespoke project and large asset financing solutions.
  • Syndicated Financings and Sukuk — Bank ABC Islamic can access additional pools of funding for corporate clients by bringing other investors into large transactions via its syndication capability.


Bank ABC Islamic announces nine-months 2021 net profit of US$26.7 million
Bank ABC Islamic announces first half 2021 net profit of US$19.2 million
Bank ABC Islamic announces first quarter 2021 net profit of US$10.4 million