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Bank ABC in Jordan Continues to Support APN
Amman, Jordan: Driven by its belief in its role in serving the local community and establishing sound environmental practices, Bank ABC in Jordan has continued to fulfil its duty in preserving nature by renewing its cooperation with the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) to support farmers and increase green space in Jordan by supporting the “Green Caravan” program. 

This cooperation with APN is part of the Bank’s sustainability management program, where the environment is one of the key sectors supported by the Bank through its various programs and initiatives aimed at increasing green space, combating desertification and protecting the environment; as this step contributes to the protection of the environment by planting trees and increasing the green space that is constantly decreasing as a result of urban sprawl, overgrazing and several other factors, in addition to providing additional sources of income and achieving food security by raising awareness of the importance of agriculture and encouraging agricultural activities. 

In this context, Mr. George Farah Sofia, the General Manager of Bank ABC in Jordan, expressed his happiness for the Bank’s continued support of APN to help them continue their work and achieve their objectives, on top of which is carrying out more projects in pockets of poverty and raising the community’s environmental awareness. 

It is worth mentioning that Bank ABC in Jordan is a member of Bank ABC Group, MENA’s leading international bank, with Head Offices in the Kingdom of Bahrain and a solid global across five continents. It offers its clients an innovative financial products and services including wholesale banking, trade finance, project & structured finance, syndications, treasury and Islamic banking products. The Bank also provides retail-banking services through its network of banks in Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria, in addition to “ila” digital bank in Bahrain.

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