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Bank ABC staff plant trees as part of ‘The Green Caravan’ programme

Stemming from Bank ABC’s belief in its role in the service of the local economy and in consolidation of sound environmental practices, the Bank has continued to play its role in the preservation of nature through supporting development and social programs, one of which is the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature with their ‘The Green Caravan’ programme, wherein a group of Bank employees took part in planting two hundred high-yielding mixed citrus trees, which bear fruit three times per-year in Deir Alla (Jordan Valley).

Participation in this initiative by Bank staff falls within the framework of constant support for the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, and its particular support for its ‘The Green Caravan’ programme, which aims for green space expansion, anti-desertification and environmental conservation, in addition to providing increased income and food security by promoting environmental awareness of the importance of agricultural activities. This support is an embodiment of the Bank’s drive to back conservation efforts by contributing effectively to environmental sustainability in Jordan.


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