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General Assembly Meeting 2020

Arab Banking Corporation (Jordan) 
General Assembly Meeting 14/5/2020

​Attendance and Registration Guidelines:

  • To view the agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly Meetings click here
  • To view 2019 Annual Report click here

Registration begins from the date of the meeting announcement and ends at 3pm on Monday, May 11, 2020

To Register attendance in person or appoint a delegate (another shareholder):


After completing the registration process, you can send any questions or comments about the agenda items to the email ( Three days before the meeting date.

Upon verifying the names of shareholders and their authorized delegates, the documents presented and the number of shares owned by each of them, the Bank will:

  • Send the link of video and electronic communication app. (Microsoft Teams), 48 hours before the meeting date to the shareholders / appointed delegates who registered their emails, via email from the account (


Important note: The link to attend the meeting that is provided to you is considered confidential and the shareholder or his delegate may not inform others or enable them to use it, since allowing another person to use the link for voting purposes or any other use is considered as forgery and / Or impersonating and constitutes a violation of the soundness and importance of the meetings.

To ensure the legality and validity of the electronic meeting, we may ask any attendant who wish to use his voting right to show his ID card or passport clearly on the screen used for communication.



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Bank ABC Jordan holds its General Assembly Meeting through Video Conference