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Bank ABC Jordan Organizes Influenza Vaccination Campaign for its Employees
Driven by its keenness on ensuring the safety and health of its employees and its belief that "Prevention is better than cure", Bank ABC Jordan has launched a seasonal influenza vaccination campaign in the Bank's head office for all employees of the Bank and its subsidiary, in cooperation with the Arab Orient Insurance Company.

This campaign embodies the Bank's care for the health of its employees, highlighting the importance of prevention of diseases and striving to raise health awareness among employees and the community as a whole and how to deal with it when it occurs. Moreover, the campaign emphasizes the importance of vaccination in reducing the cost of treatment, spread of the disease, which helps increase productivity to create an appropriate and healthy working environment for the employees, as one of the Bank's top priorities.

The one-day campaign was attended by a large number of employees of the Bank and the subsidiary, and it is worth mentioning that the Bank is always striving to improve the overall health behavior of employees through continuous cooperation with the relevant institutions in this field; as part of the Bank's Corporate Health and Safety Plan.


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