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Bank ABC in Jordan Continues to Support Tkiyet Um Ali
Amman, Jordan: Driven by its sense of social responsibility and keenness on supporting the poorest and most vulnerable families in Jordan, Bank ABC in Jordan has renewed its cooperation agreement with Tkiyet Um Ali in order to support the beneficiary families living under food poverty line in various governorates of Jordan. 

This partnership aims to achieve sustainable development goals on the ground by providing food parcels that include various basic foodstuffs which fulfill the food needs of a family for an entire month. 

Commenting on this matter, the General Manager of Bank ABC in Jordan, Mr. George Farah Sofia, said: “We are proud of our long partnership with Tkiyet Um Ali under which we have been working very closely together. We commended the role of Tkiyet Um Ali in helping the Bank deliver food support to entitled families in a highly effective and efficient manner thanks to the tireless work of its staff, which helps create a positive impact on the local community. Furthermore, this partnership reflects our commitment and desire to participate in various humanitarian and charitable activities and enter into partnerships with organizations involved in helping local community members.” 

On his part, the Director General of Tkiyet Um Ali, Mr. Samer Balkar, expressed his thanks to the Bank for its support over the years saying: “We thank Bank ABC for its continuous support of TUA’s programs, which reflects the Bank’s belief in its important role in society and helps achieve TUA’s vision ‘Towards a hunger free Jordan’. Tkiyet Um Ali also pays special attention to enhancing the cooperation with private sector organizations; based on its belief in the need to involve all parties in supporting its efforts and sustainable food support programs.” 


iyet Um Ali currently provides sustainable food and health support to 20,000 families in need living under food poverty line in all governorates of Jordan; by delivering monthly food parcels throughout the year to them. Each parcel contains 19 foodstuffs that meet the families’ monthly food needs.


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