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Wholesale Banking
Corporate Banking Services
Bank ABC was one of the first wholesale Arab financial institutions to be set up with the aim of utilizing global capital resources to become a significant participant in the international financial markets. Bank ABC (Jordan) covers Jordan’s key corporations across various industries and these include public sector entities, private corporations and multinational companies. Corporate accounts are managed by a team of relationship managers who are fully supported by our geographically diversified global product platform. The objective of the relationship team is to ensure delivery on client needs in a timely and customized manner. Relationship managers also engage into discussions with our clients on their future plans and strategies and mobilize the various groups of Bank ABC to deliver on individual needs of each customer including overdrafts, corporate finance, structured finance, syndicated loans, derivatives etc. The wholesale arm of the Bank ABC Group is a market leader in trade finance, project finance, syndication and Islamic banking services.
​Overdrafts are a flexible form of borrowing intended to finance day-to-day cash flow requirements generated by normal business activity. They are not intended for the financing of long term borrowing requirements for which more appropriate credit lines are available. Repayment is made without notice through any type of credit to the overdrawn current account from normal business activities. Balances repaid can be redrawn without the need for a request from the customer to the Bank. Tenor of an overdraft is one day; maximum one year with bank approval.
Revolving Loans
Documentary loans (revolver facility) are used to finance imports/exports through Letters of Credit, Bills for Collection, discounted cheques and inward Letters of Credit and commercial invoices. Clients choose these type of loans with a repayment schedule that meets their needs and fulfills their financial obligations – such loans usually cover the working capital needs for trading and industrial activities. Documentary loans enable clients to improve their cash flow, seize business opportunities and gain time until their goods are cleared, manufactured or stocked.
Long Term Commercial Loans
Term Loans are a structured form of borrowing which is frequently intended for general corporate purposes and may be intended to finance specific transactions, specific assets and the funding requirements that this generates. They are intended for the financing of longer term borrowing requirements as opposed to overdrafts that are for the financing of short-term working capital requirements. Drawings against the loan are usually made in one amount, (but not necessarily) and once the entire loan is drawn, further drawings are not permitted even if repayments have reduced the principal amount. Therefore, the limit should be reduced as repayments are received. However, it should be noted that the loan may be phased to reflect the underlying transaction, in these instances the limit is managed in line with the drawings. Drawings depend on the nature of underlying financing requirement of the client; at times they could be linked to specific events or milestones. Interest is charged on the outstanding balance at an agreed rate and repayment of principal may be made in instalments or by bullet repayments, according to expected cash flow and a pre-agreed schedule. Interest is charged on outstanding balances. Repayment is typically made by fixed monthly, quarterly or annual repayments dependent upon the nature of the underlying transaction, the cash flow it generates and the loan agreement.
Syndicated Loan
Our Syndications department originates, structures and distributes syndicated loans. As one of the leading syndication banks in the MENA region, we offer our clients a full range of financing solutions on a conventional and/or Islamic basis.

Based in Bahrain, the Syndications product team provides support to relationship managers within the Bank ABC Group. The team assists with the origination and structuring of syndicated financings on behalf of government entities, financial institutions and corporate clients, as well as assisting with project and Islamic financing. The department has global responsibility for the distribution of syndicated loans and is widely-recognized as a leading participant in the MENA region’s primary and secondary loan market.

The team has an excellent understanding of the regional loan market, and has good working relationships with the leading regional and international banks operating in the Arab world. Our strengths in structuring, execution and distribution make Bank ABC the ideal partner for the lead arranger role in syndicated financings.
Project & Structured Finance
Bank ABC is a market leader in specialized finance practices and offers integrated project and structured finance solutions to clients throughout the Middle East and North Africa, covering a range of key industries including: Petrochemicals; Oil & gas; Power and water; Renewable energy; Mining & metals; Infrastructure; Shipping; Aviation and Telecommunications. Also, Bank ABC is well-positioned to provide financing and advisory services to governments and private institutions for transactions involving the MENA region. The Bank has extensive expertise in structuring, arranging, and syndicating complex transactions along with providing financial advisory services for investments in the Middle East and North Africa. A comprehensive product range is offered to our customers, including:
  • Financial advisory (debt and equity), structuring and arrangement services.
  • Limited/non-recourse cash flow based financing of green/brownfield projects.
  • Hybrid, subordinated, quasi-debt facilities.
  • Structured, asset-backed, acquisition/leverage and reserve based finance.
The specialized team’s transaction experience and regional knowledge, combined with the Bank’s wide network of offices in five continents, enable clients to receive highly effective solutions for financing their mega projects.
​Transaction Banking Unit
Cash management and Trade Finance Services
​Bank ABC leverages its global footprint and extensive expertise of regional and local markets to offer transactional banking services in Jordan which encompasses trade finance and cash management solutions for Corporates.
Bank ABC introduces innovative products and services to cater to corporate clients’ transaction banking needs. The localized expertise available throughout the bank’s global network ensures that clients’ requirements are met. Our solutions offer the flexibility, operational efficiency and streamlined processes that make corporate business dealings easier to undertake and faster to perform, locally and across borders.
We provide our Corporate clients a multitude of products and services to carry out transactions:
  • Cash and Liquidity Management
  • Payments Solutions
  • Account Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Trade Finance Products and Services
  • E-Channels
Furthermore, the presence of the World Bank and its network of branches spread across the Middle East and North Africa allows us to provide various banking services to many of our clients from financial institutions.
Trade Finance
Trade Finance is one of Bank ABC’s core products, supporting the flows of trade and investment between MENA and the rest of the world.
The Bank provides a wide range of solutions to cater to its clients’ trade financing needs:
Letters of Credit: Issuance, advising, confirmation, discounting and negotiation
  • Export/Import Bills for Collection
  • Discounting of Letters of Credit/Bills
  • Pre – export financing
  • Local and International Guarantees
  • Receivables finance through our Network
In addition to the aforementioned, the bank provides creative solutions using its considerable experience to structure transactions that mitigate country risk and produce competitive financial packages.

The Financial Institutions Coverage Department
The responsibilities of Financial Institutions Coverage Department at Bank ABC Jordan revolve around meeting the varying requirements of financial institutions through ABCJ local branches, ABC Group international branches and network of over 400 correspondent banks covering over 69 countries.

The Department seeks to facilitate international banking operations by offering a wide spectrum of financial services at competitive rates; focusing on fostering its existing relationships with key correspondent banks, in addition to initiating new correspondent relationships with strategic financial institutions in the region and worldwide. In addition, the department reviews all outstanding relationships and diligently follow up on Banks’ financial performance and countries’ economic conditions, taking notes of any adverse changes and appropriately following procedures to respond to such changes.

 Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs)
Bank ABC Jordan is looking to support the Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) sector on the back of their key role in supporting economic development and creation of job opportunities. On the back of this, the bank has created a specialized unit to help support and grow the various SME business needs delivering cost effective financial solutions and products.

  ABC Digital Banking
ABC Digital banking is an innovative digital banking service, tailored to meet corporate clients’ financial needs 24/7 and from any location. It enables you to access your Bank ABC accounts, transfer funds, manage loans and track trade finance activity in addition to other services in one of the fastest and safest digital banking environments available through a secure computer, tablet or mobile device with Internet access.

Currently corporate clients can avail of the following functions and services:
  • View and manage accounts.
  • Views accounts transactions history with flexible search and filtering tool.
  • Transfer funds online.
  • View trade finance related information.
  • Monitor term and revolving loans.
  • Entitlements engine for executing and approving and funds transfers.
  • Facility to print advices from the transaction history.
  • Save funds transfers for execution at a later time.
  • Make payments through e-fawateercom.


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