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Remittance Services (Funds Transfer)
Bank ABC offers remittance banking services for incoming and outgoing remittances around the world in a safe and secure way.
1. Remittance (Funds Transfer)

Including incoming and outgoing remittances in both local and foreign currencies.

  • The due date for remittance transfer is usually after two working days beginning from the date of issuance.
  • The transfer due execution date can be set to same day or next working day according an agreement with the customer upon the bank terms and conditions.
  • Transfer funds within Jordan are wired into the beneficiary's bank account on the same day of issuance using RTGS , ACH  system (EUR , USD, GBP).


IBAN Number:

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an internationally agreed standard used to identify bank accounts worldwide to facilitate faster payment processing, it is also possible to identify this figure by using the digital banking system.

All customers in Jordan have to use their IBAN for all inward and outward transfers and standing order payments, otherwise they will not be accepted.

2. Drafts
Issuance of Bank cheques in major currencies.


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