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General Questions
General questions and answers.

General Questions

Q : When and where was Bank ABC established?
Q : Where does the Bank ABC Group operate?
Q : Who are the main shareholders of the bank?
Q : In which areas are Bank ABC branches located?
Q : What types of accounts does Bank ABC offer its clients?
Q : What documents are required to open a bank account at Bank ABC?
Q : What kind of cards does Bank ABC issue?
Q : What type of savings does Bank ABC Tunisia offer?
Q : What kind of products and loans does Bank ABC Tunisia provide?
Q : What to do in case of loss or theft of my card?
Q : What if the ATM swallows my bank card?
Q : What to do if a Checkbook lost or stolen?


Bank ABC Magreb CEO to lead Tunisian economy as part of the new government
Inauguration of ‘The Face’, an abstract modern sculpture that celebrates Bahrain and Bank ABC
Bank ABC launches “ila” – its digital, mobile-only bank in Bahrain