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Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking in Tunisia seeks to be an ideal partner to its corporate clientele through a full range of tailored business and financing offers. Harnessing the Group international presence, Bank ABC Tunisia is also using cross-selling Bank ABC product lines to deliver competitive solutions for supporting the local and international expansion of clients’ activity and meeting each specific need and requirement, from funded to unfunded facilities.


Products and Services:
This facility can be a cost-effective way of getting extra cash for short-term funding requirements. Covering the working capital of your company can be done easily by borrowing the needed money through Overdraft. 
Inventory Financing
Inventory Financing is granted to serve short-term, trade-related financing of purchases and financing of awarded contracts and is paid on periodic installments..
Bills Discounting
The purpose of this type of facility is to provide immediate liquidity to your company by discounting commercial bills.
Receivable Financing
This type of financing delivers cash flow gains more efficiently and often at lower costs and risks. Receivables financing allows your company to pick and choose which receivables to be settled in early payment. Additionally, selective receivables finance enables your company to secure advanced payment for the full amount of each receivable.
Corporate Debit Cards​
A flexible solution for larger businesses for the payment of approved, business-related expenses, most often travel-related, to help your company control expenses and purchases - now also available in euros.
Payroll Services
A simple, efficient and cost-effective way to reduce the complexity of making regular payments of salaries to the personal accounts of a company's employees.​
Export Financing
This type of trade finance solution is tailored to suit the financial demands of your company in its export transactions. It offers a way to release working capital for your overseas transactions of pre-shipment (Advance payment) financing and post-shipment financing against Incoming Letters of Credit.
Import Financing
A trade finance solution that helps you improving your cash flow and negotiating better terms with suppliers. Bank ABC provides you with short term trade related working capital for your international purchases on pre-shipment or post shipment basis.
Letters of Credits
This type of facility is provided to carry out International Trade of Importers & Exporters by issuance of Letters of Credit (discount of LCs, issuance of LCs, LG and Bonds and confirmation of LCs).
This type of financing is granted over a defined period to finance medium or long term needs associated with plans of your company for expansion, establishment, acquisition of equipment and/or CAPEX for various selected projects.
Project & Structured Finance
Bank ABC structures complex financial solutions and offers strategic, commercial and financial advice for setting up projects in sectors such as oil and gas, power, infrastructure, aviation, telecom sector.
Syndication & Arrangement
Bank ABC originates structures and distributes syndicated loans on behalf of government entities, financial institutions and major corporate clients.


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