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Bank ABC manages all exposures in foreign exchange, money market, interest rate derivatives and fixed income products. 
These products are also provided to our clients with competitive prices, catering for all foreign exchange and money market requirements.

Our products and services include:
​Foreign Exchange
Our dealing room quotes Spot and Forward for all major currencies against the TND (Tunisian Dinar) up to one year tenor. Bank ABC trade on behalf of its clients for the purpose of covering their financial commitments. Bank ABC conducts also proprietary trading benefiting from market opportunities and trends.
Treasury bills and Treasury bonds
Bank ABC buys and sells debt securities (Treasury bills and bonds) for the purpose of building and managing the bank’s fixed income portfolio in both local and foreign currencies.
Interest rates products
Bank ABC provides interest rates products such as FRA (forward rate agreement) and interest rate swaps in the major currencies to our customers, to assist them hedge their exposures. 
Money market
The treasury department is managing the Bank’s liquidity and interest rates gaps; money market placements are based on the stability of customer’s deposits. The Treasury Department is responsible for the Bank’s assets funding at the best conditions as well as for ensuring that the LCR (Liquidity Coverage Ratio) is within the required level.​


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