Corporate Banking

  • Commercial Current Account
  • A current account is a transaction account or deposit account held at a bank which is used for the business under Algerian law in local currency.

  • INR Account
  • A current account in local currency and it is exclusively to be held by the foreigner nonresident of both corporate and individual listed entities.

  • CEDAC Account
  • The account holder should be a foreigner, resident in Algeria. Individuals or corporates can open this local currency account.

Credit Facilities

Bank ABC Algeria offers a wide range of credit products to meet your financing needs. We will assist you in managing your business’s working capital and treasury, providing you with relationship managers who will advise you on what best suits your needs and set up appropriate short, middle and long term financing.

  • Direct Working Capital Finance
  • It is a facility that finances the shortfall of liquidity such as overdraft facility in current account, factoring and discounting bills.

  • Indirect Working Capital Finance
  • This type of credit includes Letters of Credit, bank guarantees and customs bonds.

  • Credit for Capital Expenditure and Investment
  • This type of credit assists in financing assets acquisitions mainly in the industrial sector.

Deposits Products

Bank ABC gives the flexibility to deposit or withdraw cash at any time.

  • Certificate of Deposits
  • It is an investment/deposit with many advantages. The duration can range from three months to more than 48 months. The Certificate of Deposit is negotiable and can be presented as a guarantee; it can be nominative or anonymous. It is represented as a receipt carrying the name of the bank and the amount. By law, it is always in local currency.

  • Term Deposits
  • It is an investment/deposit which allows the customers to make a higher return on their funds during a certain fixed period of time.

  • Term Deposit [Dinars] Local Currency
  • The minimum amount allowed is DZD 10 000 over a period of three months to longer than 48 months and bearing the interest rate applicable to bank conditions.

  • Term Deposits Foreign Currency
  • This deposit is for foreign currency sight accounts holders with a fixed period of time ranging from one to more than twelve months. It is an interest bearing account and the interest is calculated on the rates that Central Bank fixes and then credited quarterly.

Trade Finance
  • IMPORT/EXPORT Letters of Credit
  • A letter of credit is a document from a bank guaranteeing that a seller will receive payment in full as long as certain delivery conditions have been met.

  • IMPORT/EXPORT Documentary Collections
  • A documentary collection is a process, in which the seller instructs his bank to forward documents related to the export of goods to the buyer's bank with a request to present these documents to the buyer for payment, indicating when and on what conditions these documents can be released to the buyer.

  • Bank Guarantee
  • A promise made by a bank to provide payment to another bank or lender on a bond, loan, or other liability in the event of default.

​E-Banking Products
  1. Quickly, your bank supports you everywhere:
  2. Be informed of the operations carried out on all your accounts by SMS, sent directly to your mobile phone.

  3. The Digital Banking solution « ABC Digital », when your bank becomes mobile!

    « ABC Digital ​» is an online banking se​rvice with an innovative platform and a modern design, designed to better meet your needs wherever you are 24/7 from any device via the internet (computer, tablet & smartphone).

  4. ​This service offers more functionalities in complete safety.​

  • More functionalities:
    • View and edit the movements of your bank accounts.
    • Make intra and interbank transfers.
    • Make international transfers.
    • Manage the beneficiaries of your transfers and credit transfers.
    • Geolocate our agencies or ATMs.
    • Make requests for: checkbook, statement of account, term deposit, bank check.
    • Make G50 payments and pre-domiciliation request.

    New functionalities shall be available on the « ABC Digital » platform

  • Optimum security:
  • The new « ABC Digital » service provides greater security by introducing strong two-factor authentication:

    • Access to the « ABC Digital » service requires your username and password and a one-time password (“OTP”).
    • Validating all your banking transactions requires a one-time password (OTP) instantly generated on your phone via the Bank ABC OTP application. ​