When your bank becomes mobile!


« ABC Digital » is an online banking service with an innovative platform and a modern design, designed to better meet your needs wherever you are 24/7 from any device via the internet (computer, tablet & smartphone).

This service offers more functionalities in complete safety.

More functionalities:

  • View and edit the​ movements of your bank accounts.
  • Make intra and interbank transfers.
  • Make international transfers.
  • Manage the beneficiaries of your transfers and credit transfers.
  • Geoloca.
  • te our agencies or ATMs.
  • Make requests for: checkbook, statement of account, term deposit, bank check.
  • Activate or block your CIB Interbank Card for individual clients.
  • Make G50 payments and pre-domiciliation request for Professional & Corporate clients.

New functionalities shall be available on the «ABC Digital» platform.​

Optimum security:

« ABC Digital » service provides greater security by introducing strong two-factor authentication:​

  • Access to the « ABC Digital » service req​uires your username and password and a one-time password («OTP»).
  • Validating all your banking transactions requires a one-time password (OTP) instantly generated on your phone via the Bank ABC OTP application.

To subscribe to this service, do not hesitate to contact one of our branches or to: