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ABC Digital Banking

​​​​ABC Digital banking is an innovative and customer friendly digital banking service, tailored to meet your financial needs 24/7 and from any location. It enables you to access your Bank ABC accounts, transfer funds, manage loans and track trade finance activity in addition to other services in one of the fastest and safest digital banking environments available through a secure computer, tablet or mobile device of your choice with Internet access.

To enjoy the usage of digital banking, all you have to do is visit the branch and apply or fill the application form

Bank ABC’s digital banking service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with some limitations and cutoff times in financial transaction.

All Bank ABC clients with authorized access are eligible to use ABC digital. You need to have a valid user ID, password and a mobile phone capable of generating One-Time-Password (OTP) using Bank ABC OTP App. You may request your RM for a Bank ABC OTP Device instead of using a smart phone.

Please access the login page on digital.bank-abc.com then you will be guided through the process of logging in to ABC Digital Banking for the first time. In order to login, you also need to have a mobile device capable of downloading Bank ABC OTP App or an ABC OTP Device, and access to your registered email and mobile number.

If you have changed your registered email address or your mobile number, please visit one of our branches to update this information.

ABC Digital is a service offered free of cost to our clients. However, please note that use of some services are subject to corresponding service charge.​

Currently you can avail of the following functions and services: ​​
  • View and manage your accounts.
  • Views accounts transactions history with flexible search and filtering tool.
  • Transfer funds online.
  • View details of term and revolving loans.
  • Entitlements engine for executing and approving and funds transfers.
  • Save funds transfers for execution at a later time.
  • Create and manage a set of frequently used payees to facilitate a faster and smoother funds transfer experience.
  • ​​Bulk payments.​
  • Facility to print account statement and transactions.
  • Efawateercom payments.​
  • Facility to save the frequently used bills details.
  • View transactions status from the transactions history.
  • View branches and ATMs locations.​

You can be assured of complete privacy when using our digital banking platform. The system features several check points to ensure maximum security for your Internet banking transactions. In our continued effort to safeguard Internet banking transactions, we use full 128-bit encryption. Encryption is a process that transforms sensitive information into a string of unrecognizable characters before they are sent over the Internet and helps keep information private between the Bank's computer system and your Internet browser. In addition to encryption, we have also introduced an extra layer of security, which is “Two-Factor Authentication” using a One-Time-Password [OTP] along with your unique username and password to grant you access to the required service. If one of your credentials has been inputted wrongly consecutively for five times, the account will be locked for one hour. Your account can be accessed after the expiry of this time. These features work together to maximize the security of your digital banking experience.

You can use one of these channels to inquire more about the service:
  • Call Center: +96265100010
  • Visiting one of our branches
  • Contacting your relationship manager


Getting Started with Digital Banking


​​ ATMs are an easy means of self service, and of conducting banking transactions quickly. There are 53 Bank ABC ATM's across the Kingdom that provide services free of charge to Bank ABC clients, and accept Visa, Visa Electron, Plus, JoNet, Master Cards and Visa International cards.​

ATM Services:
  • Cash withdrawal.
  • Cash deposit.
  • Balance inquiry.
  • Cheque book request.
  • Statement request.
  • PIN change.
  • Internal funds transfer.

To see ATM LOCATOR Click here..​

SMS Banking Service

​​​ABC SMS Banking Service is considered a free highly advanced eBanking service, designed to serve our clients and manage their banking transactions, around the clock, and without the need to visit the Bank.

The SMS Banking Service contains:
  • All Financial transactions done on the Accounts
  • Returned Cheque
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Salary Deposit
  • Remittance Deposit
  • Loan Installment
  • Card Installment
  • Account Opening ​ ​
  • Renewal of term deposit that will be due​​