Transaction Banking Unit

​ Bank ABC leverages its global footprint and extensive expertise of regional and local markets to offer transactional banking services in Jordan which encompasses trade finance and cash management solutions for Corporates.

Bank ABC is positioned to empower the companies to be increasingly efficient and more competitive in today’s challenging and changing business environment. Therefore, our business is not trying to reinvent the way our customers do business. Instead, we are complimenting their existing processes by helping them manage their operating cash flows more efficiently, with greater security, at a lower cost.

Bank ABC introduces innovative products and services to cater to corporate clients’ transaction banking needs. The localized expertise available throughout the bank’s global network ensures that clients’ requirements are met. Our solutions offer the flexibility, operational efficiency and streamlined processes that make corporate business dealings easier to undertake and faster to perfume, locally and across borders.

We provide our corporate clients a multitude of products and services to carry out transactions:

  • Cash and Liquidity Management
  • Payments Solutions
  • Account Services
  • Collection and Reconciliation Solutions
  • Payroll Services
  • ​E-Channels

Furthermore, the presence of the ABC Group and its network of branches spread across the Middle East and North Africa allows us to provide various banking services to many of our clients from financial institutions.

Benefits for your business:

  • Establish efficient operating account structures 
  • Speed up collection cycle through cash, cheques, and inward remittances
  • Maximize returns on surplus cash 
  • Reduce administrative and transaction costs through lower payment fees
  • Have total control over cash flows through real-time reporting on electronic channels

Bank ABC- Jordan is uniquely positioned to empower their customers to be increasingly efficient and more competitive in today’s challenging, and ever-changing business environment. 

The extensive corporate banking experience; reinvestment in technology, innovative products, global presence and staff expertise have earned the bank a distinct place among competitors in trade finance solutions.

Bank ABC Trade Finance offers fast, efficient, reliable and comprehensive solutions along the client’s trade value chain by combining international trade risk mitigation products and services with custom-made solutions for structured trade and export finance by understanding our clients’ business and recommending the best trade structures through our experienced staff.

Our product offerings extend between traditional trade products to structured trade and export finance, and includes:

  1. Letters of Credit (LCs)
    • Irrevocable Unconfirmed LC
    • Irrevocable Confirmed LC 
    • Revolving LC (Automatic, Non Automatic, Cumulative, Non- Cumulative)
    • Payment / Sight LC
    • Acceptance LC
    • Deferred Payment LC  
    • Negotiation LC 
    • Standby LC
    • Transferable LC
    • Back to Back LC
  2. Documentary Collections (D/Cs) 
    • Documents Against Payment.
    • Documents Against Acceptance.
    • Documents Against Avalization.
  3. Letter of Guarantees
    • Bid Bond.
    • Performance Bond.
    • Advance Payment Guarantee.
    • Retention Bond.
    • Maintenance Guarantee.
    • Payment Guarantee.
    • Warranty Bond.
    • Others
  4. Trade Loans
  5. Post-Import Finance
  6. Pre-Export Finance
  7. Pre-Export Finance

Our receivables finance solutions help the clients free up working capital to keep the business running smoothly which is part of a sound treasury strategy that reduces customer credit risk and provides faster access to cash.

The main advantages for Receivables Finance Programs:

  1. Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) 
  2. Improve  working capital and enhance cash flow.
  3. Risk Management.
  4. Balance Sheet Engineering.