Our digital transformation journey

​In the year 2017, we commenced a digital transformation journey to build our digitally-empowered, agile and sustainable ‘bank of the future.’ With innovation at the core of every decision, we are streamlining our processes and continually enhancing our offerings to cater to your evolving banking needs and preferences. 

We are disrupting legacy banking models to drive growth in an environment of continuous technological advancement. Guided by an agile cloud-first digital innovation strategy, we are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to design simple, flexible, and integrated solutions to enhance each stage of your banking journey. 

With a focus on co-creation with clients, partners, and regulators, we endeavour to facilitate the birth of a new financial services ecosystem in the MENA region and beyond. Our multi-year Group digital transformation programme has resulted in the launch of pathbreaking initiatives that have transformed the corporate and consumer banking landscapes. ​

​Some of our key milestones so far:​

 Middle East & Africa Fintech Forum (MFF)

We launched the annual Middle East & Africa Fintech Forum (MFF) in Bahrain in 2017. The forum soon became one of the region’s most significant congregations of world-leading names in finance and technology. Held under the patronage of the Central Bank of Bahrain, the forum is driving discussions around digital transformation, innovation and financial inclusion and other pressing industry topics.

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 ABC Labs

We set up the Group Innovation Function to accelerate the Bank’s strategic transformation and foster a more agile work culture. A dedicated space in the Head Office called ‘ABC Labs’ has been developed to facilitate ideation and innovation across the Group and was inaugurated in November 2019. From co-creation with stakeholders to proof-of-concept testing, ABC Labs is fueling further innovation and digital tran​sformation withing the Group and our broader communities. 

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 ila Bank

Disrupting the retail banking landscape, we launched  ila Bank​, the region’s first exclusively cloud-based digital mobile-only bank, in Bahrain in November 2019. Merging cutting-edge technologies and a human-centric design, ila offers you an extremely personalised banking experience 24/7, at your fingertips.

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Wholesale Banking Digital Transformation

We are building a more robust, scalable, and sustainable global network for growth to create value for all our stakeholders. With customers at the core of every decision, our digital banking innovation strategy is focused on delivering a faster, seamless, and effortless experience across as many touchpoints as possible.​

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