Financial Markets

With onshore presence for pricing in Middle East and North Africa, including Egypt, Jordan, Algeria and Tunisia, our best-in-class financial markets team deploys cutting-edge expertise to offer you a portfolio of financial markets and treasury products.

Through our state-of-the-art FX trading digital platform, also available on leading multi-bank platforms such as FX ALL, 360T and Bloo​mberg FX GO, you enjoy unprecedented real time access to deep liquidity across a range​ of FX products and greater control and faster execution to manage your specific financial markets requirements.

Customised Structuring Solutions
Global Financial Products

Unique Risk Management solutions to manage market risks (Interest Rates, Commodities and FX exposures)
Structured Term Loans and Equity Financing
Safe custody for access to local currency debt markets, such as BHD T-bills
Primary and secondary access to regional and global bonds and sukuk markets
Unbeatable pricing on GCC spot, forwards and options

Islamic Solutions Designed
Around Your Needs

Long-established stature and expertise working jointly with our Islamic bank
Shari’a-compliant hedging products (Rates and FX)
Enhanced liquidity via Collateralised Murabaha Financing in local and foreign currencies
Structured Murabaha Deposit Products

Liquidity Products & Services to Suit You

Full suite of Liquidity Management, Deposit and CD products in multiple currencies and tenors


Easy access liquidity via our long-term Repo/Reverse Repo business


Structured Deposits and Yield Enhancing solutions