Professionals and Small Enterprises (SME)

A. Day-to-day Banking:

​​​​​​1. Accounts
  • The current account:
  • The current account gives you access to a full range of essential prod​ucts and services for managing and tracking your bank accounts on a daily basis. The means of payment associated with your current account are debit cards and checks.

    you can make your payment transactions in cash, check payments, transfers, cash withdrawals, pre-authorized bank payments.

    You benefit from the advantage of the availability of your money at any time, in complete security. With ABC Digital, you can have access to your accounts in consultation and transaction mode via the internet.

  • The account in convertible dinars:
  • Are you a non resident company/ professional in Tunisia?​

    The account in convertible dinars allows you to deposit your transferable funds which will be available at any time in Tunisia or abroad and in the currency of your choosing.

  • Foreign currency account:
  • Are you a non resident company/ professional in Tunisia?

    The foreign currency account allows you to deposit and manage your transferable funds without being exposed to currency risk.

  • The service provider account:
  • The service provider account is dedicated to Tunisian professionals residing in Tunisia: deposits are in foreign currency from services provided to non-residents established outside Tunisia.​

2. Cards

​The VISA CLASSIC card is a withdrawl and payment card that is operational in Tunisia and abroad. The card provides various services, such as insurance and assistance for you and your family in the event of illness, accident or death while traveling abroad.


  • The VISA CLASSIC National Card is renewable every 5 years. ​
  • The VISA CLASSIC International Card is renewable every 3 years.


  • You benefit from free insurance and assistance benefits in Tunisia and abroad
  • You are protected in case of loss of luggage, delay or cancellation of flight.
  • You travel untroubled with Travel Insurance coverage.
  • You enjoy several privileges in Tunisia including havinh a plumber or a locksmith sent over, the installation of windows, the repair of electricity, etc.
  • You are covered in case of loss or theft of: your card, your keys, or your official documents.
  • You have access to the overdraft facility according to the bank's standards.


  • You can make secure withdrawals and payments in Tunisia and abroad.
  • You can safely pay for your purchases on the internet.
  • You have flexible, advantageous and customizable ceilings.

24/7 Customer Service:

  • You can benefit from a 24/7 telephone assistance by calling the SMT customer service on: +216 71 155 800.

The VISA PLATINUM BUSINESS Card is a withdrawal and payment chip card, available in two variants: national and International.

This card is particularly addressed to a business-oriented customer segment such as business leaders and senior executives who are required to travel abroad or incur expenses on behalf of their companies.


  • The VISA PLATINUM BUSINESS National Card is renewable every 4 years. ​
  • The VISA PLATINUM BUSINESS International Card is renewable every 2 years.


The VISA PLATINUM BUSINESS card allows you to enjoy a variety of benefits and services in Tunisia and worldwide:

  • Adapted and customized payment and withdrawal ceilings.
  • Multi-risk insurance in the country of residence and abroad.
  • Travel insurance of up to $ 500,000 for the cardholder.
  • Purchase protection insurance (theft and breakage of purchases made by the card).
  • A manufacturer warranty extension of up to 12 months.
  • Sending a monthly statement of card transactions for better management of transactions.
  • A privileged treatment and favourable terms at a list - specified by VISA - of merchants, hotels, restaurants, and brands in Tunisia and abroad.
  • And many other benefits available via the following link: V​isa

24/7 Customer Service:

  • You can benefit from a 24/7 telephone assistance by calling the SMT customer service on: +216 71 155 800.

3. Internet Banking

ABC Digital

ABC Digital is a remote banking solution, through which you can have access to your accounts in consultation and transaction mode via the internet using a PC, tablet or smartphone.​


ABC Digital provides a higher level of security by introducing two-factor authentication, through one-time passwords (OTP) that can be generated via the Bank ABC OTP application.


  • Consulting the accounts and their positions in real time.
  • Consulting the transaction history.​
  • Downloading files in different formats.
  • Consulting loan status.​
  • Applying for a checkbook.
  • Applying for a bank check.
  • Applying for a transfer of funds.
  • Management of transfer recipients.
  • The use of the "double electronic signature" mode for transfers ordered by corporate clients.
  • Locating all agencies and ATMs on the map.​

B. Deposits (Term deposits​):

2.1 Term account
A current account to place money over periods longer than 3 months at attractive (fixed) interest rates. This account is open to both individuals and non-individuals (Tunisians and foreigners).

Avantages: Benefits

  • Open account in local and major foreign currencies accepted by the bank.
  • Term deposits associated with different maturities (one month, three months, six months and one year).
  • The term deposit bears a certain interest, the percentage of which is fixed at the time of deposit and at each renewal according to the interest then in force.
  • Accrued interest may at maturity be added to the capital or cashed or transferred to anothe​r account.
  • The account may at maturity be renewed for new periods.
2.2 ABCapital
An exclusive personalized formula for Bank ABC's clients to place money over a period of more than 3 months at a (variable) rate of return.
2.3 Saving bond/ Short term securities

These are bonds issued by Bank ABC for a fund offering to buy bonds over periods of more than 3 months at attractive (fixed) interest rates.


  • Any natural or legal person wishing to make an investment in the short or medium term.


  • Your interest is calculated on the basis of a fixed rate based on the duration of your investment and served either on the subscription date or at maturity.


  • Profitability: safe return.
  • Total investment security.
  • Availability of funds in advance form.
  • Renewal of certificates upon A written request.
2.4 Certificate of deposit
A mode of investment dedicated to large depositors of multiple amounts of 500 000 TND over short periods (multiples of 10 days).

C. Credit:

  1. Operating Loan *
  2. Investment Loan *
  3. Off Balance-sheet committment *​