Savings and Deposits

1. Savings Accounts:

​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​1.1 Epargne Fidélité (Fidélité Savings Account)

The Epargne Fidélité account is a profitable, secure and available savings account that is remunerated based on the rate of return on savings fixed by the Central Bank of Tunisia.

The Epargne Fidélité account enables you to accumulate and save money. ​


  • Make your savings profitable
    • You accumulate your savings by receiving a remuneration at a rate determined by the Central Bank of Tunisia.
    • Interest is settled and paid quarterly.
  • Save without constraints
    • You can save at your own pace without obligation of payment.
    • You can make transfers to your ABC accounts or receive transfers from your accounts or third party accounts without paying any charges.
  • Freely get your funds
    • You can freely, and at any time, get the saved money and paid interest.
  • ​The Savings Passbook
    • Upon opening the account, you are entitled to a Savings Passbook on which all your deposit and credit transactions are recorded.
1.2 The Premium Home Savings Plan (PEL PREMIUM)

The PREMIUM Home Savings Plan is essentially a savings product offering the client an important remuneration of the saved amount, and possibly allowing him/her, after file study and under certain conditions set by the Bank under the PEL PREMIUM contract, to benefit from a complementary loan supplementing his/her savings to obtain a mortgage loan for:

  • Purchasing a parcel of land
  • Buying a house
  • The construction of a house
  • The extension or improvement of your house


  • Make your savings profitable
    • Starting from the first deposit operation you make in your PEL Premium account, you benefit from an advantageous remuneration rate that can reach the savings’ rate of remuneration fixed by the Central Bank of Tunisia plus an extra 0.60% per year.
    • Interest paid under PEL Premium is exempt from withholding tax for contractual savings periods of 4 years or more.
    • Interest paid to non-residents under PEL Premium in convertible Dinars is exempt from withholding tax regardless of the duration of the savings plan.
  • Save without constraints
    • You can freely choose the amount you want to save from 5 000 TND to 50 000 TND.
    • You can also freely choose the duration of your savings from 18 to 60 months.
    • Your can make full, monthly or quarterly payments.
    • You have the possibility to change the amount and the contractual duration of your savings at any time and according to your needs.
  • Freely get your funds
    • If necessary, it is possible to have 80% of the saved amount without terminating your PEL contract.
    • You can freely get the paid interests.
  • Enjoy benefits during the loan phase
    • You have the possibility to be granted a mortgage loan that can reach 5 times the amount of your contractual savings.
    • You benefit from advantageous rates and commissions. ​​
​​​​​​1.3 Epargne Enfants (Children Savings Account)

The Epargne Enfants (Children Savings Account) is a simple and safe special savings account for young people starting from birth until the age of majority.

It introduces them to the money concept and makes them develop a savings culture at a very early age. ​


  • Make your savings profitable
    • You benefit from a remuneration at a rate set by the Central Bank of Tunisia.
    • Interest is settled and paid quarterly.
  • Save calmly and without constraints
    • You can finance the Epargne Enfants account at your own pace without any regular payment obligation: transfer, check deposit payable to the minor, payment.
    • You can make free transfers to the Epargne Enfants.
  • Help your children prepare for their future
    • You can help your child become more independent by introducing him/her to the concept of money and to the savings culture. This is through involving him/her in the management of the Epargne Enfants account.
    • You can capitalize an Epargne Enfants allowing the child to have an easier start into life when becoming adult, whatever his/her projects and ambitions are.
  • Savings Passbook + Gift
    • Upon openening the account, you are entitled to an Epargne Enfant Passbook on which all your debit and credit transactions made by the legal guardian are recorded.
    • ABC Bank offers you a gift every time you open an Epargne Enfants Account.​
​​​​​​1.4 Epargne ++
Epargne ++ is a savings account allowing subscribers to receive remuneration that changes according to the amount deposited.

Make your savings profitable With Epargne ++:

  • Enjoy an attractive and progressive remuneration that increases according to the amount saved.
  • Your interests are deducted, capitalized and served at each quarterly closing.

Saving without constraints:

Epargne ++ allows you to:

  • Save at your own pace with no obligation to make regular payments.
  • Make transfers to your Bank ABC accounts with no charge.
  • Perform unlimited debit transactions and at all moment.

​To freely dispose of your funds:​

Thanks to Epargne ++:

  • Have funds available at any time savings.
  • Enjoy without constraints of the served interests.

​​​​​​1.5 Epargne Trésor

​​“Epargne Trésor” is a saving account backed by a payment card, that benefits its holder a multitude of advantages and services such as:

  • Facilitate access to the saving account via ABC Digital;
  • Carry out cash withdrawal and consultation operations sale to all GABs/ATMs of Bank ABC at any instant (the weekly ceiling is 5000 TND);
  • Make payments on POS as well as online purchases.

Holders of the “​Epargne Trésor” card could carry out the following credit transactions:

  • Cash payment;
  • Check cashing;
  • Local transfers from another account of the cardholder or from a third party account;

As well as the following debit transactions:​

  • Withdrawal by card at the ATMs of Bank ABC;
  • Online and POS Payment;
  • Transfer in favor of himself or in favor of another account opened on the books of Bank ABC.

2. Deposits:

2.1 Term Deposits

A bank deposit which can only be withdrawn at the end of a certain period of time varying between 3 months and 5 years. The term account can be in dinars or in convertible dinars.

Beneficiaries: Any person.


  • Interest is calculated based on the duration of your investment and on the remuneration rate set when your deposit account is opened.
  • Interest is automatically paid at maturity for investments of less than one year, and annu​ally for periods longer than one year.

Tax regime:

  • Interests payable on deposited funds are subject to a withholding tax of 20%.
  • Interests payable on deposited funds in convertible dinars are exempted from taxation.


  • Profitability: guaranteed return.​
  • Total investment security.
  • Availability of funds in the form of advances.
  • Renewal of investment by written application.
2.2 ABCapital

An exclusive customized formula for ABC Bank’s clients, allowing them to invest funds over a period of more than 3 months at a preferential rate of return. ​


These are notes issued by ABC Bank for the investment of funds over a period ranging from 3 months to 5 years. The investment can be in dinars or in convertible dinars.

Beneficiaries: Any person.​


  • At Underwriting: issuing one or more notes for a given amount (the amount of cash vouchers is a multiple of 1000 TND).
  • At maturity: repayment of the bonds upon their submission to ABC Bank.


  • Your interest is calculated on the basis of a prior-fixed rate proportionate to the duration of your investment and paid either on the date of underwriting or at maturity date.

Tax regime:

  • Interest payable on the cash vouchers is subject to withholding tax of 20%.
  • Interest payable on investments in convertible dinars is tax exempt.


  • Profitability: guaranteed return.
  • Total investment security.
  • Availability of funds in the form of advances.
  • Renewal of investment by written application.

This type of deposit is dedicated to large depositors of amounts multiples of 500,000 TND over short periods (multiples of 10 days).​

3. Packages:

The package is a global offer of essential day-to-day banking services, marketed at a single price, debited on monthly basis and known in advance.

Three main products are included in the Package:

  • Current account;
  • Bank ABC card;
  • ABC DIGITAL E-banking Service.

The Package targets individuals, Professionals and Small Enterprises, that are intended to apen a current account.

Types of Packages:

  1. Individuals:

    Associated card
    Pack Elégance
    VISA CLASSIC National card
    Pack Prestige National
    VISA GOLD National card
    Pack Prestige International
    VISA GOLD International card
    Pack Excellence National
    VISA INFINITE National card
    Pack Excellence International
    VISA INFINITE International card

  2. Professionals and Enterprises:

    Associated card
    Pack Platine National
    Pack Platine International
    VISA PLATINUM BUSINESS International card


  • Easy subscription: One contract for overall products and services of the package.
    • Preferential rates:
    • Monthly single price, reduced and known in advance; 
    • Monthly fee deduction;
    • 20% of price saving for overall products and services related to the pack;
  • Variety of insurance and assistance services.