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ila- Banking that reflects you

​​Bank ABC launched ila Bank, marking its foray into the digital, mobile-only banking space, beginning with Bahrain, with a roadmap to take it across the MENA region. ila reflects Bank ABC’s commitment to drive the financial services sector to the next frontier, combining cutting-edge technology with a human-centric design to redefine banking for the next generation.

il​a lives in the pocket of its users, offering a seamless banking experience that reflects fast paced, connected, always on-the-move lifestyles of today’s tech-empowered consumers.


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A ground-breaking digital mobile-only bank, with outstanding adoption rate and one of the fastest growing such banks in the region

Offering the latest, next-generation data analytics, AI and machine-learning technology

Region’s pioneering ‘cloud-first’ bank

Introduction of world’s first AI banking avatar and MENA region’s first emotionally intelligent 24/7 digital assistant, Fatema

Championing Financial Inclusion with nation’s lowest income threshold for account opening

This is precisely what sets ila apart - its ‘smart banking’ model, built on its promise to deliver “banking that reflects you.” ila aspires to get to know its customers, understand their goals and passions and continuously deploy innovative banking solutions that cater to their needs. 

This is reflected in its brand name; Arabic for the word ‘to’, ila promises to propel its users from where they are, “to” where they want to be, enabling their long-and-short-term aspirations through an extremely personalised approach to banking and financial management, aided by progressive technology and sophisticated data analytics.

Bank ABC’s digital, mobile-only bank, ila is the latest in a series of digital initiatives by MENA’s leading international bank to promote Bahrain as a fintech hub and spur financial inclusion in the MENA region.