Customers’ Rights Protection

​​​​​In the light of CBE directives regarding the Customers’ Rights Protection, we are pleased to reply to any query concerning banks’ services & products.

We would like to assure that we treat all our customers fairly and with full transparency. Accordingly, you are kindly requested to read thoroughly the following: 

  • Products/Services terms & conditions before signing off the related forms.
  • Products/Services contracts before signing off. Moreover, you may ask for a copy of the contract, if required.
  • Debit & Credit cards holders should keep their cards in a secure place and away from its pin.
  • In case of losing the card, you should directly call 19123 during 24/7 to notify the bank.
  • You should notify the bank immediately if there is any unauthorized transaction executed on your accounts/cards.

Bank’s Recommendation to Protect Customers’ Rights:

  • In case of enjoying any asset product (loans, credit cards, etc.) please ensure to settle installments in due course to avoid adding your name in the negative list.
  • Provide the bank with all correct and accurate information and in case of any change you should notify the bank immediately.
  • Do not provide any information of your accounts to any other party.
  • You should be aware and read all info on the bank’s website at all time to be updated with any change on the bank's services and products as well as prices.
  • In case you have any suggestion/complaint please call 19123 during 24/7 or call the Customers’ Rights Protection Unit on 002 02 25861029 during the official working hours.
  • Complaints procedures is available on the bank’s website

Complaints Procedures

  • We are pleased to receive from your good selves any suggestion/complaint by any of the following methods:
    • Directly to Customer Services representative at any branch.
    • To insert your valued feedback/compliant in the boxes designed for that purpose at any branch.
    • Via e-mail directly to
    • By calling 19123 (24/7)
    • By calling Customers’ Rights Protection unit on +2 02 25861029 during official working hours.
  • Reply/resolve the customer’s complaint within 15 working days maximum, with an exception to the complaints that requires special treatment/approvals.
  • Per CBE directives, you are kindly requested to submit your complaints to bank ABC Egypt at first stage. 
  • If the customer is not satisfied with the bank’s reply, he/she should notify the bank within 15 working days illustrating the reasons for unsatisfactory. The bank should reinvestigate the complaint and reply to the customer within another 15 working days.  If the customer is still not satisfied, he/she can raise the complaint to the Central Bank of Egypt.

Download Complaint Template​ ​​​​