ABC Mutual Funds

​​ABC Equity Fund:

​​​​Is an Investment Fund to collect the savings of institutions and individuals willing to invest in securities and do not have sufficient time and experience in this area, and the Fund issues them with securities called Investment Certificates, and these funds are invested through the formation of an investment portfolio consistent with The Fund's objective and stated investment policy are managed by a technical body with expertise in the field of investment fund management and in the form of a joint stock company called the Investment Manager.

ABC Money Market Fund (Mazaya):

The Fund aims to provide a savings and investment fund. The Fund invests in financial instruments issued in the local market only such as debt instruments issued by the government, banks and companies, repurchase agreements, treasury bills, bank savings certificates and other money market funds documents. Low risk instrument and provides daily cash by calculating the cumulative daily return on the funds invested in it, and allows the Fund to subscribe and redeem daily in the Investment Certificates issued.

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