Corporate Credit Card

Manage your company’s expenses safely and efficiently with Bank ABC’s Corporate Credit Cards


  • Precise monitoring and control of your business expenses 
  • Most advanced technologies to ensure safety of all online purchases
  • Enjoy SMS alerts for all your card transactions, including cash withdrawals, purchases, and online shopping
  • The possibility of changing your PIN through ABC bank’s ATM network.
  • Receive a consolidated monthly statement of all transactions made on the cards
  • Corporate Credit Cards comes to you with a smart chip and the contactless technology to provide the highest levels of security
  • The possibility of paying credit cards through Direct Debit from your company’s account, the branch network of Bank ABC and through a widespread ATM network & Fawry stores 
  • Accept all government payments through the Meeza network
  • The card is accepted by more than 42 million stores locally and internationally for use in purchases and payments
  • You can benefit from many unique advantages, travel experiences and stays at opulent hotels to unparalleled shopping opportunities. 

Other obligations and conditions shall be applied.